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Upcoming Events Hosted by GCGSD

We are hosting a GSD Dock Diving Seminar this Sunday July 21st in North Scottsdale which will be led by Beth Nicholson.
The cost is only $15 for the day but working spots are limitted. If you want to participate please reach out our Correspondence Secretary, Corrine or our Special Events Secretary Faye. More information can be found in our flyer

Beth is an outstanding trainer with 25 years’ experience working and training animals. She started her obsession at a very young age in the horse arena where she trained and competed in hunter jumper, dressage and also competed in rodeo. Her training turned to dogs about 15 years ago and is still in love with them and all the many activities that you can do with them. Beth currently has 6 dogs that have and still are successfully competing. Currently, she and her dog have the privilege of claiming the #7 ranking on the world stage for extreme vertical in dock diving.
Beth continues to remain active as both a trainer and high-level competitor who is involved in multiple dog sport disciplines including dock diving, agility, scent and protection work. The GCGSDC is truly grateful for the opportunity to spend a morning learning from such a competent and successful trainer.

Thank you to all the members that joined and participated, this was a great event that the club was able to sponsor for its membership as you are so important and valued.

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